Kitchen Product Photography Services

Kitchen Product Photography Services

Get stunning kitchenware photos in studio with fully equipped kitchens in China.

360Refinery provides product photography services for kitchen items such as cooking utensils photography, small kitchen appliances photography, cooking pots photography, cutlery photography, knives photography and more. Whether you need product on white photos or lifestyle kitchenware photography, our team can create beautiful photos shot in studio and in real kitchen settings.

kitchen product photography china electric pot with veggies meat and mushrooms

We help businesses that manufacture in China get stunning kitchen product photography faster, better, and often cheaper than in their home base countries. Your marketing mix for kitchen products needs much more than product on white photos, inspire customers to buy your products with stunning lifestyle photos of kitchenware. Selling knives? Show photos of a chef beautifully cutting precise slices of veggie, bread, or meat. Show a video highlighting the unique features of your products and how those features will make cooking easier, faster, or more exciting!

Our kitchen product photo sets are fully equipped and can be used for photography, cooking, and most importantly photography of cooking, which is something a standard white wall studio can't achieve.

kitchen product lifestyle photography thermal lunch both on orange background

To book our kitchen photography services, simply contact us with the requirements of your product, choose from the kitchen studio sets we send you, and send us you kitchenware products like knives and cutlery, photography for coffee makers, photography for kitchen storage items, cups and mugs, kitchen linens, photography for kitchen appliances and any other items that reside in kitchens.


See our kitchenware product photography portfolio.

kitchen product photography pizza knife

Additionally, we provide product on white photography for kitchenware, so you will have a full set of photos ready to market your products. Please contact us for pricing. Prices for kitchen photography don't differ too much from our general product pricing, but the price will vary depending on your dish preparation requirements.

lifestyle photography for amazon frying pans

We know how important high quality images (and more and more so, videos) are for your business, and our commitment is to help you save time and market with confidence whether you are just starting your business, or are already an established company with a demanding product launch schedule. 360Refinery is here to be your trusted partner in producing high quality product photography in China.

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How much does it cost?

We have 3 simple product launch packages, one with photos on white only, the second one also includes a couple of lifestyle images, and the third also includes a simple video. For clients who only want photos on white for multiple products, we also have pricing by the photo, and for clients who launch over 50 products per year we can provide customized packages that will be just as easy to book and keep track of in our system.

You can always use our automatic booking form to create an instant quotation by creating an account.

See our most common pricing options here.

How quickly will I get the images?

Same day proofs. (previews from which you select which images you want retouched)

Retouched images within 3 business days for product on white images, 1 week for lifestyle, and 2 weeks for video.

How about copyright?

With 360Refinery the client gets full unlimited use license of any photos that have been paid for and handed over in high resolution. In other words, we won't tell you that your license is valid for a year and after that you need to pay extra. You won't get any surprises with us.

360Refinery keeps the right to use any images for self-promotion purposes only.

Why product photography in China?

Getting your products photographed close to your manufacturers vs. doing this at your location helps you save time and money in a few different ways:

- save time. Instead of waiting the products to arrive at your office, then ship them to your photographer, just have the products shipped from your manufacturer to one of our photographers in China (most deliveries take 1-2 days only)

- save money on shipping fees, if you photograph locally you will need to ship to pay international + local shipping fees. Doing photography in China, you will only pay local photography fees (already included in our package prices).

- get more bang for your buck . For what you are paying now, you can get better quality photos and more of them to help you create the impressive product listings that will help you sell more.

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