Product Photos

Product photos, are images on your product on a white background. Clean, clear, and simple. These are the essential for any online seller big and small. Since the customers can't touch and feel the product, these images are the key to make a concise presentation and help make the buying decision. First impressions are everything and online, photos are the first impression. If the same product is presented in two different photo sets, one well-lit and polished, and one as a click on a white background, the first set will make the better first impression.

While placing a product on a white background and taking a photo may sound simple, the detail is in the lighting, set-up, and post-production. Our team has you covered throughout the whole process.

For product photos you can describe the angles you want for your product to be photographed in at the time of placing the order, and our photographers will follow your instructions.

*If you don't specify the angles you want the product to be photographed at the time of booking, and request different product positioning later, the new photos will be treated as a new order.

Product photography is the most basic presentation of your product, and serious marketers know that they also need lifestyle images to drive more conversions.

Lifestyle Photography

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