Lifestyle Photos

Take product visuals to the next level with lifestyle photography. While product photography represents the essential features of your products, lifestyle photography is where you can help the buyer imagine how the product would be used in real life.

Who needs lifestyle photography?

If you are selling a product that is intended for use by people, lifestyle photography would be beneficial for converting sales. It is recommended that you should have at least 1 lifestyle image for each product you sell.

The actual quality and quantity of lifestyle images depends on the budget, sales goals, and marketing strategy for each particular SKU.

Why is it important, don't product photos show everything already?

Yes and no. Product photos show the physical features of your product, which is informational and great. However, buyers don't always make purchasing decision on information alone. Typically you need to establish some sort of connection, help them imagine how the product will be useful in their lives, lifestyle photography helps you do just that.

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