Drinks Photography

Drinks Photography

How do our food photo shoots work?

We offer professional food photography services for restaurant and hotels located in China and Hong Kong.

You can book a photo shoot via our intuitive platform that you can use to book and monitor the status from start to completion.

Please make sure to arrange a coordinator of the shoot who will be on site.

1. Create Your Account

Register an account and enjoy easy booking, invoicing, and access to all your photoshoot history with us.

2. Make a Booking

Create detailed requirements for your photoshoot and book in a few easy steps.

3. We Arrive on Location

With your booking, please include the detailed name and location of your restaurant.

4. We Take Photos

Once we arrive we take photos according to the shotlist based on your booking. Please note changes to the original requirements cannot be made during the shoot.

5. Approve Proofs

After the shoot, we will post proofs to your account for each photoshoot. You can approve for final retouch, or make comments for corrections.

6. Finalize Payment

Once the photos are approved, you can finalize your payment to receive access to watermark-free high-res images..

7. Download Final Images

Download the images in the format you requested and continue with your marketing efforts.

8. Project in Complete

After the photos are posted for final download the project is marked as complete.