Bathroom Product Photography

Bathroom Product Photography

For brands that sell bathroom products, we can create top quality product on white and lifestyle photography on bathroom sets to make the product representation clear and realistic. 

360Refinery's team has experience in product photography for bathroom products in China, including toilet seats, shower heads, storage organizers, toilet brush stands, cleaning brushes, detergents and other cleaning materials, bathroom mats, faucets, bathroom scales, dispensers and many more. Simply contact us with your product photo shoot requirements and we will organize pick-up and photography of your products. Turnaround is 3-10 business days, depending on type of photo shoot, with product on white photos taking 3 days and videos taking 10 days to complete.

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We have a number of photo studios with bathroom sets that include sinks, toilet bowls, and running water that allow quick installation of your product and taking photos, for example shower hear photo on white with running water need to be photographed in a studio that is specially equipped to allow installation of your product that is at the set. Using a real bathroom for photography is generally a bad idea, as there is rarely enough space for the lighting equipment to be set-up correctly. Our studios have large open space bathroom sets that make working with light easy, while at the same time looking realistic. 
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360Refinery provides full product listing photography for Amazon sellers who are looking to add A+ Content to their listings. Add lifestyle photography and infographics to your product listings to make sure all your customers' questions are answered in the listing and their purchasing decision is easy to make. More often than not, buyers abandon a listing without buying because an important question they have isn't answered in the information provided. The percent of buyers who will reach out to ask when something is not clear is very low. Most customers would rather find a listing that answers all their questions and shop there.

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Bathroom product photography is specific in that the products are often very white, or made of very reflective materials, so a photographer has to be an expert in lighting and reflection control to make product photos that are true in color and focus on the product. As with all photo projects, we strongly recommend clients to have a clear Photography Brief before booking a product photo shoot, please take the time to read our guide on How to Brief a Photographer this will help you get better product photos and maybe help you understand why some photo shoots in the past haven't brought the results you wanted.

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