Ecommerce Product Photography Services

Ecommerce Photography Services

360Refinery provides professional photography and video services to clients from a wide range of industries worldwide. The process couldn't be easier, just ship the samples directly from your manufacturer in China and we will assign a specialized photography team for your type of product in no time. Our photographers are based in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Shanghai, Yiwu, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shandong, and many more locations across China.

Our teams have experience with the following types of product photo shoots.

Accessories Product Photography

Create product shots for your accessories products like shoes and sunglasses. Get product on white shots for listings, and inspiring lifestyle photos for your social media.

accessories product photography leather wallet

Clean and crispy packshots of your appliances products, add some lifestyle photos and fun videos showing how your products are used, and you have a starter pack.

amazon product photo service vacuum cleaner



china product photography car accessories

Bathroom Products Photography

We have exciting studio sets for all your bathroom product photo shots needs. Need us to install your new shower-head product and take photos of it in a photogenic bathroom? As simple as sending us your product.

product photography service china bathroom products faucet

Beauty and Health


lifestyle product photography service cosmetics


Show the comfort your bedding product bring to customers' lives by creating product photos set in a peaceful stylish bedroom. We have experience with many different items including bed sheet product photography, and blanket product photography.

lifestyle product photography service bedding products

Computers and Phones


online product photography service phone accessories 3D rendering

Electronics E commerce Product Photography

Make your electronics product looks outstanding and like something coming out of the future with extra polished product photos, and 3D renders.

ecommerce photo service computer accessories

Footwear Website Product Photography

Showcase the materials and design of your shoe collection with professionally lit and retouched eCommerce photos.

amazon photography studio shoes packshot brown leather

Furniture Photography

Create product photos of furniture at your manufacturer's facilities and combine them with 3d rendered rooms to create exciting lifestyle photos.

amazon photography furniture products bookshelf and chair


Product photos of games do much better when there are people in the photos showing how the games are played. Need professional models for your photos?  We have got you covered.

amazon product images china games puzzles lifestyle photos

Gifts Products Amazon Images

Book our photographers to make product on white photos and creative lifestyle photos for different gift products.

product photography service china gift products writing pen

Glass Products

Have a highly reflective product that needs product on white photo for your online listings? ... you need glass on white photos, or creative videos or contrasting lifestyle photos of glass products, our specialist photographers and retouchers are ready to help you with your project.

china product on white photography glass bottle

Housewares & Home Decor

Housewares and home decor product photography always looks more inspiring when photographed in a setting, instead of stand alone. Here as well we have many studio options to accommodate your vision and your budget for product photography and lifestyle photos.

product photos china curtains

Home, Garden, Tools


amazon listing product photos home improvement tools

Jewelry Photography Service

Amazon photos for jewelry need to be clear and polished to attract and keep the attention of the customers, our specialized jewelry photographers and retouch artists can create top quality photos on white and creative images of jewelry.

product photography jewelry china

Kitchen Product Photos for Amazon

Kitchenware photography is one of those categories that a specialized studio can really make or break the whole production. Photos on colorful paper are fun to look at, but your customers really want to see how the products is used and be inspired by photos in kitchen settings. We have studios with fully equipped kitchens waiting for your projects.

kitchen product photography china for amazon shopify ecommerce

Lighting Product Photoshoot Services

Lighting fixtures photo service for ecommerce, whether you need lighting fixture photos on white background, cutouts to superimpose on 3D rendered images, or lifestyle images of lighting fixtures in actual rooms, we have all sorts of studios that are equipped to ensure quick installation options for your lighting product photo shoot.

lighting fixtures product photography china

Machinery & Tools


amazon fba product photography machinery



amazon product photography


Especially for brands selling their products in store chains packaging product photos are a must. This type of photo may seem simple and straight forward, but a few touch ups can really enhance the way customers perceive your products. Our product photographers can take outstanding packaging photos at very affordable prices.

packaging product photo service china

Pet Supplies Amazon Photography

Many pet products look cute, but what pet owners really care about is making sure that a product is right for their beloved pet and safe to use. High quality product photos, especially with cute pet models can really help to showcase all the benefits your products have to offer.

professional photographer amazon instagram

Sporting Goods Amazon Product Photos


amazon product photos china fishing gear



high quality fba photography stationary products

Textiles & Apparel Photography Service

Full-range of photo services for your clothing brand. From ghost mannequin photos, to flatlay photos, and on model clothing photography, we do it all. Need some creative lifestyle photos for instagram of clothing. Call us.

ghost product photo service

Toys & Children's Products

Whether you need ecommerce children fashion photography, or product photos of toys, and baby products, we have teams who have experience with photography and styling of many different children's products .

china toy products photography

Watches Premium Product Photos

Our watch photographers have lenses and set-ups that are only used watch photography, making it quick and easy for us to create watch photos per your requirements, whether you need photos for Amazon, Shopify, or Instagram..

watch product photography

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