Product Lifestyle Photography

What is lifestyle product photography?

A lifestyle product photo is any photo of product in use or suggesting how it would be used, like this product photo below with mom and daughter doing laundry together with a laundry basket next to them.

There are a number of different ways to create lifestyle photos, and each method has its PROs and CONs, let's explore them below:

1. Still Life Photography

2. Lifestyle Product Photography on Real Sets

3. Lifestyle Product Shots with Model

4. 3D Generated Lifestyle Photography

5. Composites Product Lifestyle Photography

6. AI Assisted Lifestyle Product Photos


A still life photograph can be created in any type of studio, the only thing needed is color paper background or some kind of surface material to for example create the illusion that there is a table. With some props, this type of photo can be simple and impressive without high cost. For example this lifestyle product photo was taken on a simple grey background with food added in post-production.

product lifestyle photography, still life photography

product lifestyle photography, still life photography

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You can also create lifestyle photos on real sets. We work a lot with these and have quite a variety of choices for living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and more. For some products a real set is the only way to do a realistic looking photo and for others the use of real set can be more cost effective than doing a composite.

product lifestyle photography, bathroom product photography

product lifestyle photography, kitchen product photography china

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Some products like clothing and accessories really shine when they are shown on a live model. For these types of products taking lifestyle photos on a model is the best way.

lifestyle product photography on model photography

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If you have model files from your manufacturer, you can take advantage of 3d rendering for your product lifestyle photography. There are literally no limits to what you can do for the environment photos of your products with 3d rendering. This type of approach is mostly suitable for hard objects like digital products, bottles, furniture and other products where you already have the model files, because if you need to create a model just for the render, then the cost will be very high.

lifestyle product photography, 3d rendering product photography


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A composite is an image created using 2 or more images, 1 of your product and a stock photo used as an environment. Composites are in many cases cheaper than real photos, especially if you need models in the photo, because you can choose from tons of high quality stock images. The challenge in this type of photo is to make the product look natural and realistic in the stock photo.

lifestyle product photography, product photo composite, composite for amazon

lifestyle product photography, product photo composite, composite for amazon

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In recent years AI generated imagery has been improving a lot. In the below photo the yoga mat was photographed with the model in studio and then AI was given the photo and asked to put the model on a beach.

lifestyle product photography, ai generated lifestyle product photography

Not sure which type of lifestyle image production is right for your project? Get in touch with your project requirements and we will offer some options with pricing that fits your product and budget.

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