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Steering Wheel Cover Product Photography

Steering Wheel Cover Product PhotographyHaving high-quality product photography is essential for attracting customers and gaining a competitive advantage on platforms like Amazon and in eCommerce in general.Capturing the key features and benefits of your steering wheel covers through captivating images can significantly impact your sales and overall brand perception.Finding product photographers in China who specialize in car product photography can sound like a challenging endeavor, but with 360Refinery you simply need to provide your requirements and we will assign the most suitable team for..

Computer Desk Photography

Computer Desk Photography360Refinery provides furniture photography services on real room sets.Below are some examples of computer desk photography on real sets.We have a large selection of room options that can be customized on request to create the perfect setting for your computer desk photo shoot.Our furniture photography teams have various props available to help your product look as if it were in a stylish home with typical accessories. Our furniture photographers have experience working with all sorts of furniture products and with the help of your brief will know how to capture and hig..

Jewelry Product Video

Jewelry Product Video360Refinery provides jewelry product video services in China. We can create simple videos of your jewelry product on a rotation table on white or black backgrounds.These are very simple clips of the products on their own with or without added shadows.You can choose the number of clips you want for your videos from as little as 1 clip to as many as you like.Clips start at $35 for 15 seconds at a single angle. An additional angle is charged as an extra clip.Jewelry videos are very useful for your product listing, youtube, and social media channels.If you need a more complex ..

Bed Sheet Product Photography

Bed Sheet Product PhotographyWhen it comes to selling bed sheets online, captivating product photography plays a crucial role in attracting potential customers. In the competitive world of e-commerce, where visuals are key, high-quality images can make all the difference.Investing in professional product photography is essential for showcasing the unique features and textures of your bed sheet products. By hiring top product photographers who specialize in home textiles and bedding photography, you can ensure that your products stand out from the competition.Amazon places great emphasis on vis..

Necklace Product Photography

Necklace Product PhotographyStand out from the competition with beautifully stylized necklace product photography. Simply send us your products, brand color tones and we will create beautiful lifestyle product photos for your jewelry items.Lifestyle Jewelry Photography - Collection PhotosOur team can help you create beautiful collection photos that capture the imagination of your buyers. These photos are suitable for social media, website assets, and A+ content.Accent HighlightsNecklaces are small in size and have very delicate and beautiful details, so macro jewelry photography is essential i..

Tableware Product Photography

Tableware Product Photography360Refinery provides tableware product photography services in China for items like dinner plates, cups, bowls, and cutlery. Whether you need product on white photos, PNG transparencies, lifestyle photos on real sets with custom surfaces, or composites of your product into stock photos, we can create the product photos you need for your product listings.1. Tableware Product on White Photos ExamplesWe can create product on white photos of individual items, multiple items, and group shots.Example of individual item tableware product photography.Example of multiple it..

Best Jewelry Photographers

If you sell jewelry online, you know that a of the top-selling items really stand out in terms of product photography. People like nice photos, and they especially like photos that look luxurious even when they know the jewelry they are purchasing is not made of previous stones or metals.High-end jewelry photography is a very complex science where the photos need to be taken in a very controlled environment with special equipment and advanced lighting skills by the photographer to capture the beautiful reflections of the light on the stones. In most cases the final image can only be achieved w..

Shirt Product Photography

Shirt Product PhotographyIf you are selling shirts online, the main focus in terms of photography should be on creating listings with photos that show how the shirt will look on the buyer who wears it, in other words, you need to show the fit. The best way to do this is to have clothing photos on a live model, but budgets not always allow that.Ghost mannequin photos are a good alternative to on model photos, because they still show the fit of the shirt, without you having to spend money on model fees.Usually 2 or 3 photos on a mannequin are enough to show how the shirt fits and looks from the ..

Closet Organizer Product Photography

Amazon Product Photography Service - Closet OrganizersHousehold cleaning items and organizers are a very sought after and competitive category on Amazon, that's why it is very important that the product photos in your product listing are informative and convincing. Below is an example of lifestyle product photography for a closet organizer photography project.1. Lifestyle product photo in closetThis photo shows how nice and organized the closet looks with the closet organizer in place. Many things fit and there is no mess. This photo was captured in an actual closet, the product was not retouc..

How to Get The Best Product Photography in China

How to Get the Best Product Photography in China for Your BudgetSelecting a product photography partner in a challenging endeavor, and this selection process is even more complicated when you are trying to choose one that does not necessary speak your native language. However, with a good process, nothing is impossible and finding a reliable partner is actually not that complicated.8 Essential Steps to Ensure You Get the Best Product Photography in China1. Define Your Project ScopeThe first step in approaching a product photographer is preparing the requirements for the product photo shoot in ..

How to Prepare a Great Brief for Video

Once you find a company you want to work with to product your videos you have another very important job to do, provide a great video brief, so you get the video that you want for your marketing. Please read carefully this whole page before booking your video shoot with us. Please make sure you understand everything and also understand our reshoot policy when you provide the brief. We want to provide the best possible videos to all our clients, and a great brief is crucial for achieving this.In this section we cover:What is a video brief.Detailed BriefsBriefs for Video Shoots with ModelBriefs ..

Electric Scooter Product Photography - Sample Project

White Background Photography - Electric ScooterThsi is an example of clean and well lit product photography for ecommerce of electric scooter.The first product photo is a side view of the scooter that is really well lit highlighting all the materials in the body, seats, and tires that have also been enhanced in post-production to make the whole product appear spotless.The third photo is a 45 degree back view of the scooter with same set-up as before, and for this photo a phone has been added as a prop to show the phone holder that is included with the product.After completing the 3 key angles ..

Kitchen Product Photography China - Frying Pan

Kitchen Product Photography ChinaLifestyle photography for frying pan.This is an example of a highly stylized set of photos photographed in a kitchen with a few carefully selected props to match brand colors. This project is a great example of consistent color in commercial photography.Lifestyle photos are a great way to enhance your product listings, and while showing the functionality and special features of the products have to be the focus of the photos, if you are building a brand and looking to leave a memorable impression, incorporating your brand colors and mood is of key importance as..

4 Types Kitchen Product Photos You Need for Selling Kitchen Knives Online

4 Types Product Photos You Need for Kitchen KnivesKitchen products are a category of products where people buy into functionality. For this reason you need to create a balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality showcase in your product photos. Kitchen knives photos need to show what exactly it is that the knife excels in and also be inspirational to professional and home chefs.Lifestyle Photo of Kitchen KnifeFor kitchen knives, the photography lighting needs to clearly show the material of the blade and handle, and avoid any unwanted reflection. Lifestyle product photography is really where..

6 Essential Photos for Your Backpack Product Listing

Backpack Product Photos - Best PracticesCrispy Product Photos that Show Functionality and Style To maximize the conversion rate of your product listing, you need to show the features of the backpack you are selling. Front Angle PhotoBack Angle PhotoDepending on your backpack and your target market you will choose a background that will work best for your marketing. If you are selling on Amazon, the photos have to be on a white background, but if you have your own website you can choose something else. 45 Degree Angle Open BackpackFor backpack photography, it is important that the bag looks ful..

Baby Product Photos - Inspiration

Baby Product Photos - InspirationCute and fun product photos can have a big difference on your baby product listings' conversion rate! So what are the essentials of creating stunning baby product photos? Cute Models Let's face it, a lot of parents buy products that make their babies look cute. Show exactly how fun and useful your product is by booking a cute model to pose with your product photos. A Perfect LocationYour vision can come to life in a studio with artistic props or on a set.The Spirit of Your Brand Be sure to have fun with creative direction and include something that us unique to..

How to Choose a Quality Control Company in China

in Selling on Amazon
You Have Found a Supplier in China and Placed an Order, What About Quality Control?Once you place an order with your supplier you have to also make sure the products meet the specifications and quality you ordered. The best way to conduct a quality inspection, is to send someone from your own team. There is nothing better than that, however, with large distances and expensive travel and accommodation, sending someone from your own team isn't really an option. Professional quality control services are an often acceptable alternative to own inspection and there are tons of companies and freelanc..

Top 10 Product Photographers in the UK (2023 Edition)

Looking for the Best Product Photographer in the UK for Your Next Photo Shoot?Selecting a product photography partner can be challenging and exhausting. There are thousands on choices, huge differences in product photography pricing, and a large number of portfolios to sort through. We have prepared our list of top 10 product photographers in the United Kingdom.For this list we included both product photographers who include pricing on their pages and also photographers who did not post any pricing information, but had very good portfolios on display.This list does NOT include any affiliate li..

Improve Your Furniture Photos with These 5 Simple Tips

Take Your Furniture Product Photography to the Next Levelwith Our Expert TipsThe digital furniture market has become increasingly difficult to penetrate and compete in over time and along with that the photo standards have been rising. It is fair to assume that this trend will continue in the future.In this guide, we will have a look at some key elements that you can improve your product photos to improve your brand look and conversion rates. This guide will also help you make better  photography briefs. Here we cover the following topics.1. Furniture Photography Lighting2. Furn..

How to Brief a Photographer?

in Photography Tips
Did you know that over 90% of the time when clients are not happy with produced photos, the reason is insufficient briefing detail?Once you find a product photography company you want to work with and are ready to book a photo shoot, you may be tempted to send over your products and assume that the photographer will know exactly what you want. This is far from true.After you choose a photography company, you have another very important job to do, provide a great brief. This is absolutely essential for you to get the best results for your photoshoot. It is also essential for photographers to ha..

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