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Save time and take your clothing brand to the next level with our clothing photography service in China. 360Refinery provides product photography services for apparel manufactured in China. Whether you need invisible mannequin photos, beautifully arranged flat lay photos, or on model clothing lookbook photos, our team provides garment photography services to help your vision come to reality.

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Professional clothing photography is essential for success in today's highly competitive market. Take advantage of  our growing network of professional clothing photographers, local and foreign models, and a variety of studio sets suitable for story-telling. Whether you need clothing apparel photography in studio with seamless while background, on the street, or in settings, we can help you create the clothing line photos you need.

When we take on a new client at 360Refinery, we first take the time to understand what the product is and what is needed in terms of photography, then we assign a fashion photographer with the skill set and experience needed to complete the project in the style required. For clothing photography, we only assign photographers that have significant experience taking photos of clothes, in fact our photographers are even further specialized into those who only flat clothing photos, ghost product photos and on model clothing photos that meet our strict in-house quality requirements.

When you choose our team to complete your apparel photo shoot, you will not have to spend time searching and qualifying photographers, 360Refinery does this for you. Once the photo shoot is confirmed, we will supervise the photography production process from prep until completion and client satisfaction with the results. The 360Refinery team knows first hand how to photograph apparel in a way that it sells. Whether you need ghost mannequin photos, flat lay photography, or photos on apparel on live model, we know garments need to be prepped a special way and then styled additionally to look their best in the photos, and we will do exactly that for your project. Our team of producers, photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists, assistants, and retouchers is ready to complete your project on budget and on schedule.

Unlike many platforms that connect photographers with clients and then don't deal with the details of the photo shoot afterwards, we really get involved in each photo shoots from start to finish and not only help you get great results at the fraction of the cost of using freelancers but also help you do that with less headaches.

Simply place your order and we will arrange pick-up, photography, and return of the products to be photographed.

View our Ghost Mannequin Photography Portfolio

Ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin photos are a great way to showcase the overall style and cut on a a garment.

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We know how important high quality images (and more and more so, videos) are for your apparelbusiness, and our commitment is to help you save time and market with confidence whether you are just starting your clothing brand, or are already an established eCommerce store with a demanding product launch schedule. 360Refinery is here to be your trusted partner in producing high quality clothing photos in China.

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If your project requires more than 100 photos, please send us an e-mail with details to request a quotation.

View our Clothing Flatlay Photography Portfolio

What type of photos are right for your brand?

The type of photos you use for your clothing brand depends on your creative vision and budget. There are 5 types of photos used for clothing photography:

1. Ghost mannqeuin photos

2. Flat lay clothing photos

3. Look book photos - these are technically clean photos where the model is styled and made-up with professional hair and make-up. These photos make the biggest impact in helping sell clothes online and cost the most to create.

4. Detail Photos - there are close-up photos showing the material used to make the garment or highlight a special detail. While you can use a photo from the above 3 and zoom in, a dedicated detail photo is taken from a different angle that captures material details.

5. Streetstyle social media photos- these are similar to lookbook photos, but are more casually taken photos, and are no so technically clean, but they are fun and are great for content marketing.

Brands with high budget usually do a combination of flat lay photos of the clothing collection and on-model lookbook photos or ghost mannequin photos and lookbook photos on live model, then additionally they have on-going social media photo shoots, and incentive programs to encourage customers to take and share beautiful photos with the bought garments. This is the best set-up because the clothing product photos allow for buyers to see the garment on it's own and the lookbook model photos show one way these garments can be styled and how the clothes look when worn..

In terms of cost of product on white clothing photos are cheaper than on model photos. For example with us 100 photos flat lay is $1100, while the cost of 100 photos on live model for 50 products is about $3000 (the cost may vary a little based on your specific model requirements). Additionally, product on white photos are billed by the photo, while on model clothing photos are billed by the look, since the amount of time spent preparing each garment and then styling it on the model is significant.

How quickly will I get the images?

Same day proofs. (previews from which you select which images you want retouched)

Retouched images within 7 business days for apparel on model, 3 business days for product on white.

How about copyright?

With 360Refinery the client gets full unlimited use license of any photos that have been paid for and handed over in high resolution. In other words, we won't tell you that your license is valid for a year and after that you need to pay extra. You won't get any surprises with us.

360Refinery keeps the right to use any images for self-promotion purposes only.

Why product photography in China?

Getting your garments photographed close to your manufacturers vs. doing this at your location helps you save time and money in a few different ways:

- save time. Instead of waiting the products to arrive at your office, then ship them to your photographer, just have the products shipped from your manufacturer to one of our photographers in China (most deliveries take 1-2 days only)

- save money on shipping fees, if you photograph locally you will need to ship to pay international + local shipping fees. Doing photography in China, you will only pay local photography fees (already included in our package prices).

- get more bang for your buck . For what you are paying now, you can get better quality photos and more of them to help you create the impressive product listings that will help you sell more.

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