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Improve the quality of your product listings with top quality product photos. 360Refinery provides premium product photography services for ecommerce businesses. Whether you need photos for your website or for marketplaces, we are here to photograph your products quickly, efficiently, and at a low cost.

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Take advantage of our network of product photographers selected by specialty, our large variety of studio sets ready to complete product on white photos, as well as lifestyle photos, and the low prices we offer thanks to volume discounts we get from photographers that we pass on to our clients.

Unlike platforms that help to link you with photographers and then don't participate in the production process, while collecting a large commission, we help to assign the best product photographers in your niche to create your product photos and we supervise the whole project for you, from start to finish.

Product Photographers in China

When you do your product photography in China near your suppliers, you get photos faster, better, and cheaper. Faster, because as soon as the product samples are ready at the manufacturer, you can have them photographed in about 2 days after sample collection, and this gives you a head start to prepare the launch of your products online. 

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The cost of product photography in China is much lower than in Europe and North America, so you can save a lot of money, especially when working with a reliable and experienced agency like ours, because we pass on the volume discounts product photographers give us to our clients. In addition to saving on product photography cost, you will also save money on shipping fees that you normally pay getting samples to you, then ship them to your local photographer, and then ship them back to you. We cover the shipping cost of samples, so they are already included in the price.

There are many product photographers in China, not all of them speak English, in fact very few of them do. 360Refinery helps you select from a much larger pool of product photographers, not based on what language they speak, but based on the quality of photos they deliver. You won't have to worry about language, because we will communicate with you in English and with the photographer in Chinese.

What Kind of Products Can Be Photographed?

360Refinery's product photography services focus on smaller sized products that can be shipped easily. We have some of the best product photographers who specialize in taking product on white photos and lifestyle photos of small leather goods, toys, bedding products photography, kitchen product photography, stationary product photography, clothing photography, shoes, luggage, pet products, baby products etc.

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360Refinery offers many different options for your products photos including different kitchen sets, bedroom sets, living rooms sets, bathroom sets, office sets, pure white background sets that can be used for your product on white photos and videos and more importantly for lifestyle photos and product videos which have become absolutely essential for impactful marketing.

For large items photography, like furniture, we also have solutions, however, this kind of product photography isn't part of our standard product photo packages. For example, furniture photography shoots have minimum booking fees, because we have to arrange for photographer and team to travel to the manufacturer's factory and set-up a studio on site for product on white photos, and additional expenses for props transportation or 3D rendering may be required to produce the full set of photos.

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How Does it Work?

Simply contact us with your product photography brief and we will confirm the final product shots quotation and starting helping you create beautiful product photos and videos for your product listings. In most cases the product packages we advertise on the website are the final cost, however, in cases where the client has some very specific prop requirements we may need to charge more.

360Refinery knows how important high quality product photography is for your business, and our commitment is to help you save time and market with confidence. We want to help your business succeed.

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How much does it cost?

360Refinery has 3 simple product launch packages starting at USD99.00.

For more than 10 products in one go, we offer volume discounts.

You can use our automatic booking form to create an instant quotation by creating an account.

Our product photography prices include photography, retouch, and shipping costs both ways within China. All our services are for basic clear photos and videos that meet or exceed current standards in eCommerce marketing.

360Refinery's product photography price list.

How quickly will I get the product images?

Same day proofs. (previews from which you select which images you want retouched)

Retouched packshots are complete within 3 business days.

Why 360Refinery?

Finding a good product photographer who is fluent in lighting and composition is hard enough, finding a good product photographer in China, a country that is far away and foreign, can be completely daunting. Luckily, our team has already done the research and we not only know the best product photographers in the marketplace, we have seen which photographer is best for which type of assignment. At 360Refinery we are dedicated to mastering the skill of giving clear instructions to photographers, so that they can deliver great product photos, and we do that on your behalf, all while you enjoy service in English.

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Our growing network of excellent product photographers and videographers and rich experience producing jobs of all sizes allows us to serve our clients with confidence and help them take their businesses to new heights. The importance of quality photographer production is sometimes overlooked, especially in SMEs that may not have dedicated staff to supervise production. Even the best photographer may not deliver the best product photos for a job if there are gaps in communication. This is even more true when the photographer speaks a different language from the client.

360Refinery does the full production management for all product photography and product video projects to make sure that our valued clients get the best product photos possible. We will also communicate in advance if a requirement you have is beyond what can be done for the budget, and make sure your project gets delivered on time.

Our mission is to consolidate photography resources available in a large chaotic industry of freelancers and offer high quality images and videos at low cost and help drive the overall quality of visual presentation online to the next level.

If you are wondering where to find the best product photographer for your Amazon products, look no further, try us for your next product photo shoot. No commitment, try with one product first, and then decide whether saving money and getting top service with 360Refinery is right for your business.

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