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How do our product photo shoots in China work?

We offer professional product photography services anywhere in China.

Simply place your order and we will arrange pick-up, photography, and return of the products to be photographed.

We know how important quality images are for your business, and our commitment is to help you save time and market with confidence.

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How much does it cost?

Our price per image depends on the number of photos required. Here are some sample assignment calculations to help you budget.

You can always use our automatic booking form to create an instant quotation by creating an account.

The prices below include photography, retouch, and shipping costs both ways within China.

No. of SKUs        Price (1 Angle)     Price (3 Angles) 
10                        US$200               US$460
50                        US$750               US$1750
100                      US$1200             US$2800

How quickly will I get the images?

Same day proofs.

Retouched images within 1 business day.

Have an upcoming product launch?

Product Photography Service in China