Electric Scooter Product Photography - Sample Project

White Background Photography - Electric Scooter

Thsi is an example of clean and well lit product photography for ecommerce of electric scooter.

kitchen product photography china

The first product photo is a side view of the scooter that is really well lit highlighting all the materials in the body, seats, and tires that have also been enhanced in post-production to make the whole product appear spotless.

china kitchenware photography

The third photo is a 45 degree back view of the scooter with same set-up as before, and for this photo a phone has been added as a prop to show the phone holder that is included with the product.

china kitchenware photography

After completing the 3 key angles of the whole scooter, we proceed to take some detail photos that offer an even better look at the features and materials of the product. The resulting set of 8 photos is enough to give an overview of the product and key features that the buyer will be able to enjoy after purchasing it.

china kitchenware photography
china kitchenware photography

This set is only product on white photos that highlight the craftsmanship and basic features of the product. In today's market conditions and level of competition a listing with product on white photos only will convert, but not nearly as well as a listing that has lifestyle product photography and ecommerce product video the enhance the listing, whether it is on a marketplace or on your standalone website.

china kitchenware photography
china kitchenware photography
china kitchenware photography

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