Why Us?

360Refinery brings you a reliable photography management system that allows you to get consistent quality photos of your products with quick turnaround at reasonable and transparent prices.

Why Do You Need a Production Company?

- access to larger pool of talents. As a production management company, we at 360 Refinery know lots of talent (majority of whom don't speak any English but are really good professionals), and we also know the strengths and weaknesses of each photographer, which helps us decide who is best for each specific project. It is extremely rare that one photographer is good at shooting all sort of products. It would take you ages to gather the information we already have.

- feel confident about getting the results you need. Photo and video production, like anything else requires expertise to get great results. Unless you are very experiences, you won't be able to tell what is needed to produce the images you need. With us, once you give us the requirements, we will break things down and make sure the photographer and videographer know step by step what they need to do, and also no corners are cut on things like post-production.

- save time on management. We spend a lot of time fine-tuning our booking process, so that once a client books, they have little to worry about until the final delivery of the photos. There are many layers of management to producing great photos and videos. Most clients don't need to spend time learning about production management. You could spend the time doing management.

- leverage. Unless you have very frequent photoshoots, photographers may not take you very seriously, because they want to spend more time and effort on their repeat clients. 360 Refinery is a repeat client for many photographers, and all our clients enjoy the benefits of long-tern relationships we have with the product photographers we wonk with.

Our expertise is in producing premium quality product and lifestyle images for companies who are committed to building strong brands. Whether you need photoshoots occasionally, or you launch products on a regular basis, we are here to support you and help you get everything on schedule.

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Streamlined Operations

We utilize our network of professionals to streamline operations and deliver a faster and more cost-efficient solution than traditional photography studios.

Multiple Locations

Whether you need a photoshoot close to your suppliers, close to your offices, or someplace with specific views, we can arrange that.

IT Team

Your experience of booking and managing photoshoots is just as important to u as the final images, and our IT team works to ensure the whole process is quick and straight-forward.


We have photographers with thousands of completed aggregate photoshoots for e-commerce and social media and can select the most suitable ones for your project(s).

Service Guarantee

Our goal is to exceed customer expectations. No, really, we are obsessed, but don't take our word for it, try us, for free.

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Why Us?

    Fast Turnaround

    Consistent Quality

   Competitive Pricing

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