Top 5 Bedding Photographers (2024 Edition)

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Bedding photography is one of the most complex product categories to photograph well, because it is not enough to present to the products alone, they need to be put in environments designed to complement their features and style. When preparing a bedding product photo shoot, styling (or staging) is crucially important for the success of the project. In this article we explore some of what we consider the very best bedding photographers and photography companies that photograph bedding products.

The list below is in no particular order.

Top 5 Bedding Photographers

1. Madigan Studios

bedding photography experts

Madigan Studios is a photography company based in Dallas, Texas founded by Keith Madigan. Keith and his team do a fantastic job staging rooms and creating photos in a variety of bedroom styles including traditional, contemporary, modern, and rustic bedrooms. They do seem to specialize in traditional bedroom staging as in the majority of the photos the rooms look very opulent. The props collection seems quite large, as well, which is always beneficial.

bedsheet set photography

There is great attention to detail in the styling and lighting, as well as fabric preparation and post-production. Most importantly, the created bedrooms look real and lived-in. According to the website, they have 20 permanent room sets and they can also build custom sets. The photos look well put together and very polished without looking artificial. This type of bedroom photography is very suitable for commercial use.

2. Loop Photography

A really good bedding photography company is based in Blackburn, UK. On their website they say that they are "commercial photography studios with a dedication to creating images that don’t just sell, but tell stories, intrigue, captivate and inspire", and looking at the work, this really is very true.

best bedding photography service

The team at Loop Photography studios takes bedding photography to another level. The photos looks like something taken out of a beautiful movie. The styling for bed sheet sets is absolutely lovely and the bedrooms created are very inviting and desirable. This team does photo shoots both on their studio sets and also on rented locations.

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This bedding photography team is a great choice if you are looking to create the kind of photos that are worthy of hanging on walls.

3. TDS Photography

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TDS Photography is another photo studio based in Dallas, Texas. They seem more experienced in mattress photography than anything else, but there are a few sets available and overall this team will produce decent ecommerce ready image of your bedding products.

4. Prodoto

An excellent bedding photography studio based in Hebden Bridge, UK. We really love their bedding sets, styling, and retouch.

bed sheet photography

Prodoto seem to custom build all sets and purchase props specifically for each project, because everything matches perfectly. A custom sets and props selected specifically for your project is hands down the best approach to bedding photography there is. If you can afford it, go for it, and if you can't, then it is good to consider adding to your budget, because the difference in the quality of photos produced will be tremendous.

bed sheet photography

5. Art Via Light

Another bedding photography studio from Dallas, Texas, Art Via Light also impresses with the clean and beautiful styling approach they use in their photos.

best mattress photographer

A mattress photo becomes a beautiful vision of a cozy bedroom that looks aspirational and attainable at the same time. The rooms looked lived in and the mattress remains the main focus  is the photo even though there are plenty of props in the photo with it, they don't distract at all.

best mattress photographer

It isn't clear if they photograph on their own sets or rent locations, but this doesn't really matter because the photos look lovely.

These are some of our favorite bedding photographers. Of course there are many more. Some of the biggest brands have their own extensive studio sets and a vault of props that they use to photograph bedding products and these usually produce the most consistent work because all light set-ups, props, wall and floor materials are purchased on brand.

Manufacturing in China?

360Refinery has 20+ photography teams based in China that specialize in bedding photography. We offer a large variety of permanent sets and fully custom sets that can be used to created the perfect bedroom setting for your next project.

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