Cushion Product Photography

Cushions Product Photography

Cushions look much more appealing when photographed in beautiful settings. That's why we always make sure to have a variety of walls, floors, furniture props and other type of accessory props to create stylish scenes for each product.

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The best results for home textiles photography are always achieved when the photographer and assisting team have experience taking photos and styling of cushion products. Fabric detail photos are essential in showing your prospective buyers the feel of the materials.

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Color schemes and lighting are also a vital element of any photo, so each brand has to consider what type of look will attract best the target customers.

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Whether you prefer darker colors of lighter shades it is a good idea to include this information in the brief..

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If a cushion is a part of a collection, the best arrangement is to have product photos of each cushion, lifestyle photos of each cushion and then collection photos of all cushions together to highlight their look.

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The product photography sets 360Refinery uses vary from fixed sets (these are sets where the rooms and furniture are fixed), movable sets (where the wall are panels that can be moved over different floors and combined with various pieces of furniture like beds, sofas, sinks etc), and white background sets that can be used to create more abstract concept photos.

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Different style of sets are available for you to choose from, however, if you have a single product the price of product photography will be higher than if you have more SKUs that can be photographer together.

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Our home textile photographers have experience with a variety of products including bed sheet photography, curtains photography, tablecloths photography, shower curtains photography, kitchen towels photography, bathroom towels photography, blankets photography, throws photography and many more. Contact us with your project requirements to chat and see if we can help you make your vision come to reality.

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