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If you sell jewelry online, you know that a of the top-selling items really stand out in terms of product photography. People like nice photos, and they especially like photos that look luxurious even when they know the jewelry they are purchasing is not made of previous stones or metals.

High-end jewelry photography is a very complex science where the photos need to be taken in a very controlled environment with special equipment and advanced lighting skills by the photographer to capture the beautiful reflections of the light on the stones. In most cases the final image can only be achieved with focus stacking, that is by combining multiple photos of the jewelry piece to ensure each part of it is in focus.

Here our editors at 360Refinery have selected some absolutely fantastic jewelry photographers, and if you are in the market for high-end jewelry photography definitely do get in touch with them for some state of the art photos. The list here is not in any particular order, these artists are all fantastic in our opinion. As usual, this list is just our team's subjective opinion, and contains no affiliate links or promotions. There is no pricing included, because these are really stylistic jewelry photos and the price depends on many things, if you need a quotation for this type of photographer you can contact the artists directly.

1. Philippe Sautier

This is a jewelry photographer based in France and Switzerland.

top jewelry photographer


2. EpicMind Studio

This is a jewelry photographer based in Montreal, Canada.

professional jewellery photography


3. Hubbard M Jones

This professional jewelry photographer is based California, United States.

jewellery product photography


4. Simon Martner

This is a jewellery lifestyle photographer based in England.

jewelry lifestyle photography


5. Jonathan Knowles

This is a photographer for jewellery based in London England.

photographer for jewellery


6. GĂ©ran & Michelle Raath

This is jewelry photography team based in South Africa.

still life jewelry photography


7. Kevin Norris

This is a professional jewelry photographer based in New York, United States.

jewellery photography portfolio


8. Seb Michel

This is a high-end jewelry photographer based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

ecommerce jewellery photography


The complexity of jewelry photography makes it a very expensive service to purchase, and the cost doesn't make sense for smaller businesses and companies that sell non-precious metals and stones jewelry, because this cost puts a lot of pressure on profits.

For ecommerce, there are cheaper ways to create stunning jewelry photos, and in our jewelry photography services we try to create a balance between natural look and affordability.

jewelry photography experts

Instead of spending a very large amount of time perfecting the lighting set-up for each individual item, we set-up a lighting set-up that is decent, and enhance the rest in post-production.

Here are a few examples of professional jewelry photography that were enhanced in post-production.

You can see that the reflections have been fixed, textures enhanced and polished, and stones replaced.

jewelry photography expertsjewelry photography experts

In the below pair of wedding band, as well, we have corrected unwanted reflections, enhanced and polished textures and logos, and replaced all stones with ones that have been photographed well. For this project the focus was on rings' positioning. This approach helped to produce good quality photos that look real and not overly retouched, while reducing jewelry photography pricing to under US$30 per photo.

jewelry photography expertsjewelry photography experts

For the below ring, you can see the original photo stones on the side of the rings. In order to light every single stone correctly, the photo would require a slightly different lighting set-up for each stone. The craftsmanship quality also means that the stones are not perfectly symmetrical, which doesn't really look great in an ecommerce photo. So you can see in the photo on the right that we have replaced the side stones with well lit ones and aligned them properly in the nests. The front stones were also replaced and in these jewelry product photos there are 2 versions of the stones. The original stones on the left and the replaced stones on the right.

jewelry photography expertsjewelry photography experts

From this angle, as well, you can see our jewelry retouch team has done quite a lot of work replacing the stones, because some stones on the left have some unwanted reflections. The retouch requirement varies from client to client. Generally, it is a good idea to do a test first, communicate with us about your requirements, do a few versions of each angle to see if you prefer all natural stones with imperfections, use a well lit element of your photo and multiply it, or use one of our available elements to create a good-looking quality jewelry product photo.

jewelry photography expertsjewelry photography experts

If you have an upcoming jewellery product shoot, get in touch with us to discuss what you are looking to achieve, and maybe we can help.

jewelry photography experts

Our jewelry photography pricing starts at US$15/ photo, but actual prices depend on quantities and requirements. Get in touch today to discuss your next project.

See samples of our jewelry photography services.

Learn more about our jewelry photography pricing and product photography pricing here.

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