Appliances Product Photography

Appliances Product Photography

Appliance brands can rely on 360Refinery to deliver top quality product photos and videos for your products that informative and inspire shoppers to buy.
Our appliances product photography experience includes product and lifestyle photography for small kitchen appliances like coffee machines, toaster ovens, mixers, food processors, electric kettles, waffle makers, blenders and more, as well as vacuum cleaners and electric mops.
coffee maker product photography

Good product photos of alliances should include full view of the product from a couple of different angle, close-up photos showcasing the material from which it is made, a couple of photos that show the unique features of the product, and and couple of lifestyle photos that show how to appliance is used. We always encourage the use of hand model in the photos, as this helps shoppers connect more with the product and imagine themselves using the appliance.
vacuum cleaner product photography
For small appliances we can offer in-studio photography, where the items are shipped to us and then returned to the factory or the clients. For large appliances like washing machines,dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, kitchen appliance suites, microwaves, hearing and cooling alliances photography, we offer on-location photography where a team will go to the manufacturer's factory and set-up a make-shift studio on site to photograph the products that are heavy and inefficient to move around.
electric appliances photography

Our experienced photographers will set-up lighting to accommodate the materials of your appliances, which are often highly reflective metals and plastics, so that the photos show the products without any unnecessary reflections. Where reflections are impossible to remove in studio, we will do that in post-production. Our kitchen photography studio sets will make sure your kitchen appliances will look good in their natural habitat. For large appliances we can create a 3D rendering solution.


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