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Social Media Photography

Having high quality photos and videos in your product listing, whether it is on your own website or a shopping platform is essential, however, it isn't enough if you are building a brand. Content marketing is a significant part of most marketing plans, and fresh content needs to be created regularly to keep customers entertained and informed about new products.

While product listing photos and videos should be very high quality and informative, imagery for social media posts has to be catchy and fun in order to inspire your social media followers with creative lifestyle photos, short videos, and fun gifs. 

We work directly with your content marketing team to create the visuals you imagined.

360Refinery offers 2 social media photo packages:

Still Life Social Media Photo Package - $300

10 Photos

Still life photos with creative backgrounds in studio or location.

Basic Retouch for Imperfections
Shipping Fees to International Locations Separate

The still life social media package is a good way to get diverse and fun product photos for your social media accounts. Currently, this service is available all over China and Paris, France. We are working on expanding our locations.

You can combine social media photo packages with a product launch photo shoot, or book it as a stand-alone service.

Shipping fees abroad are not included in the price. Our international shipping rates are very affordable

Street Photography Social Media Photo Package- $500

10 Photos

Street photos with model

Can be park, street, cafe, river. One area per package

Basic retouch

Shipping Fees to International Locations Separate

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