Areas Of Service

Product Photoshoots:

Our studio is located in Shanghai. If you or your suppliers are located in China, you can simply ship the products to us and we will photograph them per specification.

If you are located in Hong Kong, we recommend that you still have your supplier ship samples from within China, as Customs will treat the shipment as a purchase and charge duty fees on it (which will be added to your final invoice).

For larger products, it is possible to arrange to photograph on location. Please contact sales with the location, product, and requirements of the shoot and we can provide a custom quotation.

Food and Interior Photoshoots:

Standard Food and Interior Photoshoots are performed on location. We recommend that you arrange for the shoot to be performed during non-business hours of your facility, as the equipment may disturb the guests.

If you have a more extensive project such as a book, please contact sales to describe your project in detail and we can provide you a quotation.

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