7 Ways to Boost Ecommerce Conversion Rates

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If you are like most marketers, you spend a lot of time researching, analyzing, and testing keywords, titles, and product descriptions (and you absolutely do need to do that). Absorbed by all the data available, it is very easy to forget that we very rarely make decisions based on logic and facts alone, even when purchasing services, and especially when buying retail goods. Here are 7 ways to improve the emotional appeal to your customers to boost conversion rates.

1. Short Video

Include a short fun video to breathe more life into your product. People love seeing products they are considering to purchase in motion. While static images are very important to give your customer the chance to see and examine the product up-close, videos add this extra touch to imagine the product in action.

2. Consistent Branding

If you are committed to help your business exists for many decades, invest in branding early on and do it consistently and in all media your customers interact with the brand. Little things like packaging, a comfortable website layout, the way your Customer Service responds to inquiries is all part of building trust, and in turn trust converts.

3. Great Photography

Photos are the juice that turns titles and description into something people are able to visualize and desire. Think about it like online dating. A witty self-introduction is great, but the images are what really drives us to make the decision. Your customers want to know everything they can before making a commitment. So treat them with crispy clean visuals that show how your product will make their lives easier or better. A lot of people do A/B testing with titles and descriptions, you can also do it with photography. Maybe different lighting and angles will convert more.

4. Keep Target Keywords Consistent with Landing Pages are Consistent

If you are seeing a lot of clicking, but not a lot of converting, and the price is right, check the targeting. There may be something in the targeting that makes people think you have what they want, but they quickly realize this is not the case once they land on your listing, and so they leave. One of the best ways to piss people off by disappointing them, just don't.

5. Clear Descriptions of the Product and its Benefits

Don't be afraid to repeat important points throughout the listing. Just keep each instance clear and concise. Consider including in the most important points in info-grams. Maybe you think that search engines don't want to see repeat content, but the people viewing it do. People are not bots, and most will not read everything you write, even if the text is in a very prominent place. Help your customers, and they will like you more for it. A bonus of this practice is that it will also help decrease returns.

6. Simplify your buying process

The less clicks someone has to do to buy your product, the better the chances are that they will go through with the process. Does choosing what size to choose gives buyers a headache? Some may get in touch with customer service to inquire, many more will give-up and find something easier. There really needs to be a good feedback loop between your own customer service team, marketing, and even production. When you help answer questions before they are asked, your customers will slowly but surely start to fall in love with you.

7. Reassurance After Purchase

Buyer remorse is a real thing. It is very natural to worry, especially after purchasing an expensive item. Was this the correct choice? Will I like the product once it arrives? What if I don't? Will returning it be a nightmare? Will I get my money back? etc. Be proactive in providing after-service. Whether you send it by e-mail, or by including a small card/ booklet with the packaging, let your customers know that your team is there to help them, should they be any issues.

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