Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon

How to Choose a Quality Control Company in China

in Selling on Amazon
You Have Found a Supplier in China and Placed an Order, What About Quality Control?Once you place an order with your supplier you have to also make sure the products meet the specifications and quality you ordered. The best way to conduct a quality inspection, is to send someone from your own team. There is nothing better than that, however, with large distances and expensive travel and accommodation, sending someone from your own team isn't really an option. Professional quality control services are an often acceptable alternative to own inspection and there are tons of companies and freelanc..

Buyer Claims Item not Received - What to Do?

in Selling on Amazon
Buyer Claims Item not Received - What to Do?When you sell on Amazon, it is only a matter of time before you encounter a buyer who claims they didn't receive their purchase only for you to check the tracking and see that it clearly says the item was delivered.The Best Way to Resolve Item Not Received Situations on AmazonWhen faced with the above situation many sellers, new sellers in particular become very agitated and immediately assume the buyer is lying and trying to get a free item by claiming it was not received, while in reality it was.Don't do this. It is unhealthy. Even if the item was ..

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