How to Prepare a Great Brief for Video

Once you find a company you want to work with to product your videos you have another very important job to do, provide a great video brief, so you get the video that you want for your marketing. Please read carefully this whole page before booking your video shoot with us. Please make sure you understand everything and also understand our reshoot policy when you provide the brief. We want to provide the best possible videos to all our clients, and a great brief is crucial for achieving this.

In this section we cover:

What is a video brief.

Detailed Briefs

Briefs for Video Shoots with Model

Briefs for Mood

Briefs for Videos with 3D Elements

Bulk photoshoot Briefs

Photography Briefs

What is a video brief?

A video brief is a collection of all your requirements for the video about how you want the final video to look like. Ideally these are put in an xls or pdf document.

You can attach this document in the "Shotlist" field of our booking form. 

There are generally 3 ways in which clients give briefs to videographers:

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1. Detailed Briefs  

Provide a detailed lifest with specific directions for all details of the videos, and let the videographer work as a technician.

In addition to the below, we also need the following information before we accept a video project from your business:

1. Brief Intro About of Your Business

2. Target Audience and Market

3. What is the Purpose of The Video You are Looking to Create

4. Product and Features (KSP) Video Needs to Highlight

5. Brand Overview

6. What You are Looking to Receive as a Deliverable (example include video, clips, behind the scenes, production photo stills)

7. Project Script

8. Project Storyboard

9. Budget

10. Deadline

11. Video References (what you like and what you don't like about each video you list as reference)


1. Opening shot in kitchen, sunrise, show through shadows. kettle gently touched by rays of light. (2 seconds)(audio - slow chill music)

2. Opening shot woman entering kitchen,while fixing her hair, kettle visible on the table. (long shot, half body) (2 seconds) 

3. close up shot of woman pouring water into kettle (on counter top). kettle fully visible, no face.(2 seconds)

4. close-up of woman pressing kettle buttons turning it on to the desired settings (audio - background music - same, kettle sound when buttons are pressed should be heard). shot ends with woman removing hand from the camera view and kettle handle is visible on its own for a moment (2 seconds)

5, split screen. left side shows close-up of woman cutting bread on a cutting board. Right side shows kettle working (2 seconds)

6. close-up shot woman takes the hand of the kettls (caption: perfectly safe operation) (1 second)

7. front view woman pouring water inside a bowl, slow motion of camera upwards. half body only (caption: adiabatic handle) ( 2 seconds)

8. woman drinking the beverage she just prepared, looking out the window. kettle front camera view blurred.

9. close up of woman pushing the kettle buttons again (caption: accurate temperature control) (3 seconds)

10. change clothes. close-up of woman on counter with tea cup, pouring water into the cut. no face visible, half body. kettle center of view. (2 seconds)

11. woman sitting on the chair drinking the tea. different angle than one from 7. (2 seconds)

12. Change clothes. Evening setting. woman drinking tea on floor by sofa on coffee table. Kettle is also on the table and some newspapers.(2 seconds)

13.change clothes. Same living room setting, different angle, add a snack. (2 seconds)

14. Close-up of hand putting glass of water with lemon on nightstand. (2 seconds)

15. close-up of kettle on nightstand. night setting. kettle is on. woman in background is sleeping, glass from 13 also visible in background. kettle turns off by itself. (caption: automatic shut-off protection) (2 seconds)

16. kettle on kitchen countertop on its own on camera right. left from the kettle cut outs of the 6 temperature settings with text temperature and photo of suitable beverage that can be prepared. (caption: 6 temperature controls) (1 second)

17. same as 15 but closer, company logo appears.fade out. (1 second)

Model: Caucasian woman, slim built

Make-up: Natural

Hair: Natural

Nails: Skin tone color

Clothing: 4 change of clothes. beige colors. morning, work, evening, sleep

Kitchen and flat: simple modern style in white/beige colors, no excessive artwork.


What will happen?

We will create the videos exactly as in the script, and if we don't, we will reshoot free of charge! Read about our reshoot policy here.

Why this works?

The more detailed the requirements, the less chance for us to produce something that you don't like. 

Providing this type of brief is like going to a cake shop and ordering lava cake. You will get lava cake (if it is on the menu).

What is not a good script?

Sending a one sentence description of what the story is. Not being specific about angles, not being specific about colors or any other elements may result in us producing a video you don't like. 

What if I don't know how to write a script?

We are more than happy to help you prepare a good script. Our flat rate for video script prep is $350, where we work with your Marketing person in charge to create a good script for your project.

Once we prepare a script, we will give you a quotation for your approval. If you need to lower the initial quotation provided, we will also modify the script according to the budget. Once a budget and script are agreed, it is not possible to make further modifications to the brief. Last minute script change requests (72 hours before the video shoot is scheduled) will result in an additional one time fee of $200 + a change in final quotation to match the additional requirements. We do not advise doing last minute changes.

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Briefs for Mood

For infographics, you also need to provide details information about the text, photos layout etc that you want, including font type, and font size. Create a mock-up and text to explain your mock-up. If you do not provide a mock-up with explanation, and you are not happy with how the infographic was done, we will not redo it free of charge.

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Briefs for Video Shoots with Model

For video shoots with model your brief also needs to include the following:

1. Hairstyling required for model

2. Make-up required for model

3. Clothes required for model. Client has to provide photos of the clothing and accessories required for the model for your project. We will do our best to obtain similar items either from our props inventory or purchase extra at an additional fee.


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Best Practices for Providing Reference Videos

We welcome reference videos to get an idea of what you are looking to achieve for videos of your products. However, if you provide very high quality videos as reference, please have a suitable budget. A beautifully shot video with 2-3 locations and professional actor costs $5000+.

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Briefs for Videos with 3D Elements?

For 3D elements we need a detailed script as well. Generally speaking, creating a custom 3D animation is expensive. For clients who don't have experience with incorporating 3D elements in videos we advise buying stock 3D videos first. Clients are responsible for searching for and purchasing stock for videos. If you want 360Refinery to help you find a suitable stock video out one time fee for this is $100, this fee includes searching only, not purchasing the stock.

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Photography Briefs

Please read the information about providing photography briefs here.

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